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David Bomzon and  Avi Amir


Pnima Center is pleased to offer you an internship for one to two weeks in our clinic in order  to see how YNSA is delivered in our clinic and to relate the theory of YNSA to practice. The intern will also learn how YNSA is combined with different  acupuncture methods and manual therapy in order to alleviate a patient’s symptoms.

As YNSA and Chinese medicine practitioners, it is sometimes challenging to apply theory in practice. By participating in this internship and clinical observation, we envisage that the intern will learn how to overcome this challenge and become a better YNSA provider.

During the internship, the interns will have the opportunity to witness the treatment of about 150 patients, take part in  clinical case discussions, and advance YNSA lessons and practice . The program for the internship is detailed below. If you are interested in the internship,  please contact us.

   Ynsa internship in Israel – program


Day 1

08:00 – 12:30 welcome  and clinical observation 

14:00 – 19:00 talk + first lesson – summary and point location and elbow diagnoses

Day 2

09:00-12:00  lesson  (neck and abdomen diagnoses + case discussion)

13:00-20:00 clinical observation 

Day 3

07:00-14:00 clinical observation 

14:30-17:00 lesson- short cuts in YNSA and and new scalp points, Q&A

Day 4

Morning visit at the Bahaian garden

13:00-20:00 clinical observation


Day 5

07:00-14:00 clinical observation 

14:30 -17:00 lesson (Q&A)

Day 6

08:00- 13:00 lesson (balance disorders and walk analeses)

13:00 fare well lunch included with a trip to old city of Akko


  • The internship  runes from Sunday till Friday

  • Price 900 euro

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