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"The webinar was very well structured and answered a lot of questions. Only the simultaneous translation was a bit exhausting. I don't speak spanish so it was always a break for me."


Steven James O’Connor

"Great webinar. Most grateful to fill in some gaps from youtube videos
Grateful also, as don't come to Australia, now perhaps more will have opportunity to a very interesting technique."


Sinead Dee

"More and more people with neurological issues enquire about the usefulness of acupuncture for their condition.

Until I discovered scalp acupuncture, I didn't feel I had enough tools to offer those particular clients. Having done YSNA with David, I feel I have the theoretical knowledge i need. His teaching was clear and there was a lot of content of high standard..

As it was online, the practical aspects in gaining experience, are down to me. Therefor, I use it as part of my practice with all clients, to gain the experience and confidence I need, to promote this as a service I provide specifically for neurological conditions.

In saying that, huge effort went into presenting the practical use close up, with great video and further clarification by David. That was excellent.
I really missed the practical experience of doing the course ;I've. Practicing with other acupunctures for me is important, as I am a practical visual learner. The content was superb and I really appreciated that David made huge efforts, so that I could see the visuals properly. For me there are pro's and cons of online. That was definitely a pro."


Dr. Alexander Levin

"The webinar was held at a high level. As a result of my studies, I mastered a new, interesting and very effective method of treatment."


Yutaka Ai

"The webinar was wonderful. I really liked that he referenced several researches and theories that he thought are relevant in terms of understanding the scalp acupuncture and how it works, in addition to the YNSA. I think the background information is indeed important instead of just memorizing the YNSA protocol. I would like to go over more case studies in the next class."


Luis Lauzirika

"Always improving and surpassing previous work in search of excellence. a great job, congratulations."



"I have been searching for a YNSA course for a long time and ultimately I got referred to you.

I heard a lot about the Method and when I enrolled in the course my expectations were to gain a tool that would give me another treatment option.

The course exceeded all the expectations – You led the 6 sessions in a clear and interesting way. The many exercises during the course contributed greatly to learning and understanding the Method.

YNSA opened a new world of acupuncture points whose effect is quick and effective for treating different kinds of problems, especially orthopedic problems.

I’m a Chinese Medicine practitioner for over 9 years, and 6 sessions gave me a therapeutic tool that has become my main tool for treatment in the practice.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the course, I benefit because of you and so do my patients. Since I graduated from the Chinese medicine studies, which brings miracles to patients, I couldn’t have imagined that I would “retrain to a new profession” so quickly regarding the therapeutic tool that I’m using on a daily basis.

Continue your great way of learning and sharing, thanks to people like you the world will be a better and healthier place. "


Zamir Netzer

"I wanted to thank David for an interesting, clear, accessible, very practical YNSA course.

The study material was conveyed in a very interesting, clear and generous manner.

I find the course material very practical in the Chinese Medicine clinic. Treating with YNSA compliments themes that you often meet in the practice and it gives a complete solution.

There should be more courses like this.

Thank you"


Bat Sheva Mirsky


In the past year I had the great privilege, to study the YNSA method under David Bomzon, together with a group of practitioners in a central place that was very well kept.

David, with his great professionalism, taught us a technique that we didn’t know before. Practicing the technique in the clinic led to significant treatments with great immediate impact.

Thank you very much David for the learning, and the sharing of your experience as a student and as a teacher.

This course is recommended to every practitioner, new or experienced that wishes to grow, develop their skills, and who wants to discover another tool that brings improvement in a short amount of time."



Medicine practitioner


"I participated in the Scalp acupuncture course that was led by David Bomzon.

The course was fascinating and enlightening, I received tools to deal with new patients.

David is knowledgeable and up to date with the study material, conveys it in an interesting manner and with a beautiful presentation.

Today I treat people who suffered strokes and the process is long but satisfying.

I receive assistance from David every now and then and turn to him with professional questions, and he is always available to me.

I’m waiting for the next course already."