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David Bomzon

Avi Amir


This YNSA chart or as we like to call it “YNSA clinic aid” was created for two reasons.

  1. To help the therapist   to explain to his or her patient about the Yamamoto new scalp acupuncture method and to show them the location of points.

  2. To help and gouge the therapist    memory of the group of points and their location, in order to help them find the point faster with out having to go throw all the theory and location of the points.

Chart Duration

These charts contain all the major somatotopy and points of the YNSA method.

All the high-quality images are printed in high resolution on both sides of the page (A3 size page, 29.7cm*42cm), the chart is laminated for protection and can last for many years.


Discerption on what you will receive:

you will receive a A3 (29.7cm*42cm size) Laminated page with images of the points printed in color on both sides (each side has different images with points).

  • The price of the chart is 25 USD with free shipping

Purchasing and Shipping

 We are sorry but at the moment our sales page is not working!!!!

If you wish to purchase our chart, please contact us by the contact form or send us an email


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